996 Three Way Speaker Upgrade


Brand: Car Audio Innovations

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Dramatically improve your sound with a custom  built Focal speaker system. 911s and Boxsters of the '98 - '04 generation have 5.25" woofers in the doors and a 4" mid-range driver in the dash, paired with 1" tweeter. This is a speaker arrangement that has not been offered in the aftermarket industry until now. 

Vehicle Compatibility:

All Boxsters & 911s with either Bose or Hi-Fi

Will not work with Base Audio System. If your vehicle has door speakers, then it is either a Hi-Fi or Bose system. Base systems have no speakers in the doors.

Bose systems can be identified by the Bose logo on each door speaker grill. If you have door speakers but no Bose logo, then you have a Hi-Fi system.

 This speaker system requires an aftermarket amplifier with four channels. Dash mid-range speaker and tweeter share a single channel via included passive crossover network. Door woofers require dedicated amplification channels and an amplifier with active crossovers set at 200 Hz.

Optional Door Enclosures

Vehicles of this generation come with one of three different versions of speaker enclosures in the doors. The enclosures that your car already has may work but, Only one version works with aftermarket speakers. Bose enclosures do not work. So if your vehicle has Bose you will need to purchase the optional door enclosures. Hi-Fi vehicles come with one of two enclosures (one that works and one that does not). There is no way of knowing which enclosure you have without removing it from the car. 

The enclosures that we sell have the correct depth and hole size for an aftermarket speaker, as well as an extended volume under the enclosure, and no acoustic port. 

Modified Mid-Range Drivers

This kit comes with mid-range drivers that have been modified with a machined basket that allows fitment on the factory Porsche speaker grills. This modification is standard with this kit and is free of charge.

Premium Machined Speaker Adapters & Hardware Kit

We include a premium speaker adapter and hardware kit that we produce specifically for this application. The kit comes with everything that you will need to mount your new speakers.

The Speakers 

This kit uses select components from Focal's Kevlar line of high performance speakers. These speakers have an unusually wide dispersion pattern at high frequencies that makes them ideal for this application. The 4" mid-range driver is especially large and capable of playing down to low frequencies for a mid-range in a three way application. This is a good thing in these vehicles because of the distance between the mid-range drivers and the door woofers. 


The dash speakers are pre-wired so that they are near plug and play. Your speaker crossovers will arrive wired, loomed, and terminated with labeled connections. This saves you a bunch of time durring install. The black speaker plug adapter shown in the pictures is no longer available. The factory speaker connector must be cut off and hardwired to your new speaker set. Quality crimp on connectors and heat shrink tubing is included in the kit. All other connections are made for you before your kit ships. 

The factory speaker connectors in the door are a perfect fit for the Focal speakers and do not need to be replaced.