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Porsche 996 986 Alpine CDE-HD149BT Single-din radio upgrade for 911 & Boxster , HD AM/FM CD Bluetooth USB iPod Aux


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Upgrade Your Boxster with a New Stereo Loaded with Modern Features.

1999 - 2005 996

1997 - 2005 986 Boxster

This radio and our optional installation kit allows you to either replace an existing Porsche factory radio. All required parts for a full installation can be added as options. 

Note: In '97 - '02  generation of vehicles the factory amplifier (if present) works with this kit and does not need to be replaced or bypassed. The harness that we supply with this kit allows full integration with both Bose and non-Bose equipped cars. DSP equipped vehicles with a single din radio are also compatible, though the DSP controller must remain connected (will not be operable) and can be stuffed in the dash behind the HVAC control plate.   

Note: PCM (factory double DIN) equipped vehicles with DSP of all years require a replacement amplifier when upgrading the radio. The factory DSP amplifier is not compatible with aftermarket radios. You can identify a DSP equipped vehicle by looking at the amplifier in the trunk. It will have DSP written on it.   

Note: 2003 and later models with Hi-Fi or Bose use a fiber optic audio system that can not be used with aftermarket radios. A replacement amplifier is required. We have several replacement amplifier kits available. 2003 & up cars with the base sound system (no speakers in doors) will work with this kit without the need for a new amplifier. 

Our Porsche Boxster Radio Upgrade Kit with Options Includes Everything That You Will Need to Modernize Your Porsche:

  • CDE-HD149BT CD Player
  • Optional Custom plug and play wire harness for Porsche 996, 986 '98-'02 
  • Bluetooth for handsfree phone calls and music streaming
  • Dual Element Bluetooth Microphone 
  • Optional Genuine Porsche Radio Removal Tools
  • All required hardware for Complete Installation (Optional)
  • Optional pre-wire to simplify installation for your car
  • Specific installation instructions for your Boxster or 911
  • Installation Technical Support included 1(800) Toll Free, Email, and Text by Cell

Upgrading Your Boxster or 911 Audio System Is a Simple Process with the full optional install kit.

The kit optionally comes with a pre-wired harness that we make in-house, so that your new radio is plug and play with your vehicle. The kit is compatible with all trim levels of Boxster audio systems including, Hi-Fi, Bose, and base audio systems. In a base audio system the on board power amplifier will easily power all of the speakers in the car. In Hi-Fi and Bose  equipped  vehicles this unit will directly interface with the vehicle's factory amplifier as well as the vehicle's factory equipped subwoofer. 

Note: '03 & up cars with Hi-Fi or Bose will need to add an aftermarket amplifier. Factory amplifiers in these vehicles are not compatible with aftermarket radios. Cars equipped with the base audio system (no speakers in the doors) are an exception and do not require a replacement amplifier. 

"Hear what you have been missing"

This kit sports several key features that dramatically improve your Boxsters sound quality. Here is a list of some of those features: 

  1. Parametric Equalizer 
  2. Digital Time Correction
  3. Independent Subwoofer control
  4.  24-Bit Digital-Analog Converter
  5. iPhone/Android App for Sound Settings!

The parametric equalizer on this radio is capable of not only boosting or cutting frequencies, but also selecting a desired center frequency. This way you can hone in on the exact point that you would like to adjust and have complete control of that frequency range. 

The digital time correction feature on this unit helps account for the fact that you sit much closer to the drivers side speaker than the passenger side speaker. The unit will actually delay the sound from the speakers that are physically closer to the listener (in milliseconds), so that the sound from both sides of the car reaches the listener at the exact same time. This single feature makes your car stereo sound much less like a car stereo and more like a studio. 

The independent subwoofer control allows you to boost or cut the volume level of your low frequency speakers independent of the other speakers in the system. This way you can make your speaker system sound much more aggressive if and when you want it.

24 Bit Digital-Analog converter ensures that you are getting the best possible resolution from your recordings.

Alpine's new TuneIt App lets you tap into the power of your Android™, iPhone®, and the cloud to customize this receiver's sound output for your car.

Alpine CDE-HD148BT Back Porsche 911With six channels of output

and the ability to play audio from most any digital device including iPhone, Android, CD, MP3, WMA, Sirius/XM, HD Radio, Pandora Internet Radio, Bluetooth Audio, and much more. you won't find yourself short of great music to listen to at all times. 

 Installation of This Radio and Kit Is Very Straightforward.

No cutting, drilling, or fabrication required. 

This kit is made to order and ships in 1-3 days.

Compatible amplifier with this kit can be found here

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