Alpine Porsche 997 911, 987 Boxster, Cayman Radio Upgrade Navigation Bluetooth iPod USB


Brand: Alpine

Get Modern Alpine Features for Your Porsche 997, 987 Boxster, & Cayman Stereo/Navigation

The Alpine INE-957HD Navigation/Radio brings the modern world of music and communications to your Porsche 911, Cayman, or Boxster.The 997/987 generation vehicles ship from the factory with a speaker system that is substantially more capable than its predecessors. The weak link in the system however is the radio and amplifier combination that comes as factory equipment. Replacing the radio with our kit dramatically improves sound quality and lends the entire sound system to a more aggressive live concert sound. Our 997 radio kit also adds a modern digital sound processor that allows each channel to be digitally realigned in order to compensate for the fact that you sit much closer to the speakers on the left hand side (or right hand). This puts you (the listener) in the acoustic center of the sound system for a studio grade sound.

Alpine Tuneit App

The INE-W957HD Alpine units have a strong advantage over all other brands when it comes to optimizing sound settings. All sound settings can be operated by your smart phone and saved. This makes it possible to optimize every possible setting of the unit in a much shorter amount of time. As an added benefit you never again have to worry about losing all of your settings every time your car has its battery serviced. The Alpine will remember all of your settings as soon as it sees you phone again.

Note: This system is compatible with all years of 997, Cayman and 987 generation Boxster with or without Bose and or Sound Package Plus.  Some functions are lost if you have the factory PCM screen, features like the Sport Chrono Package.  Also, audio information no longer displays in the gauge cluster.

Shipping Time: This product is "made to order" and is custom made for your particular vehicle. This package typically ships within 2-3 business days of order.

Other Modern Features of the Radio

  • Hands Free Bluetooth Phone & Music
  • 7" LCD touchscreen
  • iPod and Android Playback/Charging
  • Optional Sirius/XM Satellite Radio
  • HD Radio
  • DVD Playback
  • App Control for iPhone & Android including Netflix & Pandora 
  • USB Port
  • 9 Band Equalizer 
  • Much More...

The Kit Includes

Full Step By Step Installation Instructions with Photos & 1(800) Tech Support 

  • Alpine INE-957HD 7" LCD touchscreen Double Din Radio with Navigation
  • Dash Kit w/bezel in anthracite grey or black
  • Custom Made Wire Harness (made just for 997's not the generic European harness)
  • iPod-USB Cable With Video Support
  • European Antenna Adaptor
  • Optional Custom Made Amplifier Power Cable Kit (made just for 997's not just generic amp kit)
  • Optional High Power Amplifier, Cabling, Mounting Hardware& Amp Rack
  • Optional High Quality Audison RCA Signal Cables
  • Optional Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner and Antenna

Features of the Kit

This kit has been designed to be installed with just basic hand tools. Every part that you will need to complete the job ships with the kit. Full  step by step instructions with detailed photos and 1(800) tech support makes the installation smooth, trouble free, and the final product predictable. This kit is for both the professional as well as "the do it yourself" type.  Some of our customers want to dig into this project themselves and are comfortable with the multiple connections (not plug and play-some familiarity with such things and patience is required), routing wires and cables from the cabin into the trunk area, removal of trim panels, factory radio, etc.  Some of our customers take their cars to a local shop and have part or all of the work done there.  We see many happy customers with both options.

HUR Module For Bose Equipped Vehicles

    Note: Bose-equipped cars require a new amplifier or our HUR (Head unit Replacement) adapter when installing an aftermarket headunit. You can choose either or neither at checkout. Fader control is lost with this Bose amp interface-balance control left vs. right is retained, fader control of front vs. rear speakers is lost.

    Read more about this on our FAQ page 

    If your vehicle is "Bose Equipped" you have the choice of adding an HUR module to your order and retaining your Bose amplifier. 

    Non-Bose Equipped Vehicles

    If your vehicle is not "Bose Equipped" you don't have to replace your factory amplifier and you don't need an HUR either. Of course you will want to upgrade your amplifier if you want a boost in sound performance and or if you would like to add a subwoofer. 

      Options, options, options!

      When adding this kit to the cart you will notice a series of questions and options. This kit is designed to work with all variations and trim levels between '05-'13. These kits are "built to order". Answering these questions enables us to put together the perfect kit for your specific car. If you need any help with filling this part out correctly check our 997/987 Radio Upgrade FAQ here or call us at 1(800) 892-6430.

      Our upgrade kit optionally includes one of three powerful replacement amplifiers that are compatible with either factory Porsche speakers, or aftermarket speakers.  

      4 Channel & 5 Channel Amplifier Options


      Choose your amplifier 

      The Arc Audio KS125.4 is a very powerful yet physically small amplifier. This amplifier is ideal for 997 and 987 applications. 

      The Hertz HDP4 has a more robust power supply than the Arc Audio KS125.4 lending it greater control over speaker cone movement at higher output levels. This becomes evident when reproducing sounds with a high dynamic range like the sharp pop of a drum. An uncompromising Italian amplifier design that always performs beyond expectations. 

      The Hertz HDP5 has the same qualities as the HDP4 but with a fifth channel. The fifth channel can be used to power an aftermarket subwoofer.

      5 Channel Vs. 4 Channel

      Both 4 channel and 5 channel options sound great and are a huge improvement over the factory Porsche arrangement. With either amplifier configuration you will now be able to use the radio's integrated subwoofer control to dial in the exact amount of subwoofer response that you desire. 

      What You Get When You Order an Amplifier/Radio Combo.

      When you purchase an amplifier from you get the amplifier as well as the option of all the hardware and accessories that you will need to properly mount and use that amplifier in your specific vehicle. We provide a mounting rack, bolts, instructions, and more. We go to lengths to make sure that your entire experience is a positive one, and that includes the installation. 

      The dash kit is available in either black or  Anthracite Grey (silver). Please choose before adding to cart.

        This kit is compatible with our other 997 and Cayman upgrades as well; including our fiberglass Subwoofer enclosures and speaker upgrades. 
        If you want to add a subwoofer make sure that you choose the 5 channel option when adding this item to cart.

        Call for Cayman Subwoofer options
        Boxster owners must use factory subwoofer.

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