Economy 997.1 Dash Kit for Single & Double DIN Radios (Grey)


Brand: Metra

  • ISO DIN radio provision with pocket
  • ISO DDIN radio provision
  • Painted Anthracite Grey (Silver)

Wiring and Antenna Connections (sold separately)


997.1 '05 -'08


Anthracite Grey (Silver)

Notes about this 

This kit can be a cost effective alternative to our Premium kit. We have very high standards. This kit is more than satisfactory for some of our customers, but should not be confused as a direct replacement for our premium kit that has better structural integrity and a better fit and finish. 

Key Differences

  • Sturdy once installed but not friendly to service. This kit snaps into place with four tabs on the side brackets that lock into the cars radio cavity. The downside to this design is that the kit is near impossible to remove from the car once snapped into place. We recommend removing the top two tabs entirely in order to make the kit somewhat serviceable (see picture below).  
  • Color and texture. This kit has a rubbery finish that is close to the factory Porsche color but is not an exact match (lighter with more metallic flake on the grey version). 

Kit Modification