HUR 997 Porsche Radio Replacement Module
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HUR 997 Porsche Radio Replacement Module


Brand: CAI

The HUR 997 is an interface that allows an aftermarket radio to be installed in a Porsche 911, Cayman, or Boxster That originally came with the Bose Audio System.

Years that Apply: '05-'12
Retains Factory Steering Wheel Buttons; Yes*
Almost Plug & Play: Optional

(Note: Fader adjustment is not retained with this device, i.e., you will lose the ability to adjust the level of front vs. rear speakers.  Only the factory radio can control the fader with the Bose amplifier)

* Not all radios are compatible with steering wheel controls

The HUR reads the vehicles CAN Bus data and outputs several key functions for aftermarket radios.

These functions include Vehicle Speed Data and Steering Wheel Control.

The HUR has a fiber optic interface that connects directly to your Bose amplifier just like the original radio. 

All units are pre-Programed for your specific car before we ship them.

The HUR is available in two forms:

1. Pre-Programmed, not hardwired, connectors not included.

Note: in this form the HUR is far from plug & Play. Several connections must be made and additional vehicle specific connectors (not included) are required. Several companies sell this same item and advertise it as Plug & Play when it is not. It's not particularly difficult to install, but we prefer not to be misleading about installation.   

We go ahead and Pre-Program every unit as they are ordered. It's an extra step for us but it dramatically simplifies installation. Programing these units correctly is not straightforward. To our knowledge we are the only company that does this. In this form the unit sells for $649.

Optional Harness

Optionally you can choose to purchase the correct vehicle side wire harness as well for $44.98. This will give you everything that you need to wire this module in yourself.

Note: The vehicle specific wire harnesses that we sell with this kit are pinned correctly for your specific vehicle. They are not the generic Euro harnesses that everyone else sells. The harnesses are properly pinned for Can Hi/Low, Antenna Amplifier, etc.    

2. Pre-Wired, Pre-Programed, Loomed, & Terminated (Optional with Radio Purchase Only)

In this form we completely wire the HUR to your new radio for you. We add the required connectors that are specific to your vehicle year and trim. This makes the HUR near Plug & Play! This saves you lots of time and confusion. As an added benefit all of the wiring is clean, tidy, and easy to manage. Our techs have very high wiring standards. 

The Pre-Wired option is only available when ordering the HUR with one of our radio kits.

It is quite simply the best, fastest, and easiest way to add a new radio to your Porsche.