Porsche 996 Double DIN Dash Kit
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Porsche 996 Double DIN Dash Kit


Brand: CAI


This kit works with all variations of the 986 and 996 platform including all trim, year, and powertrain combinations.

 This means that the kit will work for your car whether your car has Bose, Hi-Fi, or the base system.

 We also have kits for other Porsche models here.

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Installation Instructions for Double DIN Conversion 

Note: other kits on the market only work with specific 996 year and trim options and generally do not include the extra parts and wire harnesses to accommodate cars that came with a single DIN radio system, cars that came with fiber optic equipped radios ('03 and up) or factory equipped subwoofers. Our kit covers and works with all. 


Note: Our main kit is designed for specific model radios and will not work without modification with radios produced by other manufacturers. Our universal kit will work with all major brands but is limited to '98-'01 years. The universal kit will not work on '02 and later vehicles but will allow installation of any standard double DIN radio. 


Included in this kit is:

Instructions, including how to disassemble/reassemble your vehicle, wire your vehicle, mount all parts, and some tips on performing additional audio upgrades to a Porsche 996.

  • Toll free 1(800) and email technical support
  • Extensive printed instructions.
  • All parts required to perform a single DIN to double DIN conversion including genuine Porsche parts required to relocate AC controls to lower part of console & pocket.
  • Wire harness complete with optional true 12 Volt "key in" accessory circuit for cars '03 and up. '03 and up 911's do not come equipped with a factory accessory wire (required for all aftermarket radio's). Our kit accommodates this, and ships with a specialized harness addition just for these cars.
  • European to standard Motorola antenna adaptor.
  • Double DIN radio/dash flush trim ring specific to 996's. 
  • Factory Porsche radio removal keys.
  • Integration harness for factory amplified Porsche Hi-Fi systems. 
  • Alpine iLX-007 kit includes a metal mounting cage that is specific to that radio.

Note: Steel mounting cage shown in picture is not included. Your Kenwood radio will come with one of these in the box. 

If you own a 996 this is the kit you need. 

When you purchase this installation kit you get all of the parts, information, and support required to complete the job. 

Note: In '97 - '02  generation of vehicles the factory amplifier (if present) works with this kit and does not need to be replaced or bypassed. The harness that we supply with this kit allows full integration with both Bose and non-Bose equipped cars. DSP equipped vehicles with a single din radio are also compatible, though the DSP controller must remain connected (will not be operable) and can be stuffed in the dash behind the HVAC control plate.   

Note: PCM (factory double DIN) equipped vehicles with DSP of all years require a replacement amplifier when upgrading the radio. The factory DSP amplifier is not compatible with aftermarket radios. You can identify a DSP equipped vehicle by looking at the amplifier in the trunk. It will have DSP written on it.   

Note: 2003 and later models use a fiber optic audio system that can not be used with aftermarket radios. A replacement amplifier is required. We have several replacement amplifier kits available. 

These cars come with factory subwoofers in one of two locations:

behind the rear seat (Bose systems on coupe models), or on the passengers side of the center console (cabriolet models). Both types in '99-'02 years are compatible with aftermarket radios only when using this installation kit. '03 through '05 vehicles must be rewired to an aftermarket amplifier.