Sirius/XM Upgrade for Radio Kits


Brand: Sirius

Add Sirius/XM Radio to Your Porsche Sound System

Enjoy SiriusXM radio in your car. With the SXV300 tuner kit you will be able to add satellite radio to any of our radio upgrades. All of the radios that we sell have a dedicated connector for this tuner on the back. Installation is simple. The unit plugs into the rear of your radio and the tuner box is concealed within your dash. There are no power wires to deal with. All connections are established with the single plug. Lastly the antenna can be mounted either with our premium Porsche specific mount or on top of your dash.

Please Note:  This is compatible with current generation aftermarket radios that are satellite ready. This product does not work with factory Porsche radios.

Tip: Save yourself some time and hassle. Get our Porsche specific satellite antenna mount. 

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