997/987 Radio Upgrade FAQs

Can I Install this Myself?

Our kits are designed for both "Do It Yourselfers" as well as professionals. We pride ourselves on including everything that you will need to do the job in each kit. Many of our customers install our kits that have no prior experience at all. Some kits do require more skill and labor than others. In particular kits with amplifiers require several new electrical connections to be made. All of our products come with extensive documentation and toll free 1(800) installation technical support. 

If you decide to have a professional install your kit for you.

Many of our customers purchase their kit from us and have a local professional install it for them. This is ideal because it takes a lot of technical burden off of your installer and guaranties a predictable outcome for you. 

If you decide to go this route, feel free to have your installer call us with any questions that they might have (prior or during installation). It's all part of our service.

What exactly is included with my amplifier if I purchase the optional "hardware Kit"?

The hardware kit is an extensive collection of all the parts for wiring and mounting your new amplifier in your car. These parts are all premium quality and are specific to your vehicle and the configuration of the audio system that you purchase. We go to lengths to ensure that everything that you will need is included.

  • Vehicle Specific Amp Rack to Mount and Conceal Amplifier in Your Car.
  • Vehicle Specific Labeled Wire Runs. All Wire & Connectors Included, Labeled, Loomed, and Pre-wired Totally Invisible after Installation
  • No Permanent Alterations to the Car
  • Works with Both Bose & Non-Bose Equipped  Cars
  • Toll Free 1(800) Installation Technical Support Included
  • Saves Hours of Installation Time

Above is an example of a 4 channel Arc Audio amplifier and hardware kit for an '07 Cayman. 

Bose Equipped Vehicle Identification

Bose IdentificationBose equipped vehicles are easily identified by the prominent Bose logo on the door speaker grill. 

If your vehicle does not have a Bose logo on the speaker grill, it is not Bose equipped.

Bose equipped vehicles require either an HUR module in order to retain the factory amplifier or a replacement aftermarket amplifier. 

Non-Bose equipped vehicles do not require a new amplifier when replacing the radio. If equipped, the factory amplifiers in these vehicles are compatible with aftermarket radios. 

Do I need/want a new amplifier? 

If you are looking for better or more aggressive sound, the answer to this question is yes. If you just want the features of a new radio but your vehicle already sounds fine, then the answer is no. 

Do I need/want new speakers?

New speakers are not required. The factory speakers in all of the cars that are not "base" systems are actually quite capable and respond well to the extra power that a new amplifier can supply. However if you are expecting top level performance, you really should consider replacing your speakers as well as adding a subwoofer. 

Vehicles equipped with the "base" radio system have only a single low quality 6" speaker in the door instead of a high performance 8" woofer and 4" midrange component set in each door. Vehicles with these audio systems are inherently anemic. Upgraded speakers are recommended. 

What about my Bose Subwoofer?

Bose subwoofers in these vehicles are directly compatible with our radio kits. Our kit includes the necessary wiring to activate the integrated amplifiers built into these factory subwoofers. When purchasing a radio kit you are asked if your vehicle is "Bose Equipped". When "Bose Equipped" is selected extra parts are automatically included in your kit that will allow you to seamlessly integrate your Bose subwoofer and the Bose amplifier that is built into the enclosure with your new radio. It's simple and all instructions and parts are included at to extra cost. 

HUR is for Bose Equipped Vehicles Only

The HUR (Head Unit Replacement) module is a special piece of hardware that allows an aftermarket radio to be added to a car equipped with Bose. The HUR allows you to retain the vehicles factory Bose amplifier so that an aftermarket amplifier is not needed. Also if your vehicle is equipped with audio controls on the steering wheel they will work with the new radio as well. 

Note: the HUR module is not used if you are adding an aftermarket amplifier. Adding an aftermarket amplifier eliminates the need for the HUR module.  

Will I have to Program my new HUR module?

We Program Every HUR Module prior to Shipping. The HUR module requires special programming that is specific to your cars year and factory options. This makes it a strait forward installation for the end user by eliminating the need for you to take this step. 

Optional Pre-Wire

Optionally you can opt to have us pre-wire your HUR module to your new radio for you as well. This eliminates many time consuming connections and complex steps in the installation process. This option is makes the installation almost entirely plug & play.

If you are adding an aftermarket amplifier you do not need the HUR! There are good reasons to use an HUR and no new amplifier. There are also good reasons to get a new amplifier and skip the HUR. It all really depends on what your expectations, budget, and installation capabilities are.

HUR Pros

  • Nearly Plug & Play (with optional pre-wire)
  • No Need to Install New Amplifier 

HUR Cons

  • Sounds pretty much the same as the factory radio. By adding the HUR with a new radio you will gain all of the new features of the new radio (Bluetooth, USB, DVD, iPod, Internet Radio, etc.) but you are still confined to the power of the factory Bose amplifier. If you are already satisfied with the sound of your vehicle, this option is for you. However, if you are looking for a jump in sound performance then you should consider adding one of our amplifier options instead of the HUR.

New Aftermarket Amplifier Pros

  •  Better Sound. Even factory speakers will sound much better. The amplifier lends you butch greater flexibility when setting up your sound adjustments. You can make your car sound substantially more impressive when adding an amplifier.
  • Subwoofer Option. You can add an aftermarket subwoofer to your car if you have a new amplifier. This is the case for both Bose and non-Bose vehicles.

New Aftermarket Cons

  •  More cost
  • More labor intensive to install