Install How To Articles for 997 & 987

997 & 987 Related Installation Articles

997 & 987 Radio Installation  

Step by step guide to installing a new radio with specific information about several possible system configurations. How to remove the factory radio, how to integrate with factory subwoofer, how to wire your new radio kit. 

HUR Installation  

Step by step guide to installing our Head Unit Replacement module. This article is full of information about integrating with a factory Porsche Bose system with lots of detailed pictures, connector and wire locations.

Snap-In Amplifier Installation for C2 Vehicles

Porsche C2 AmplifierThis article shows how to add an amplifier to a Caymen, Boxster, or C2-911. Step by step guide explains speaker and amplifier channel configuration options. Cable routing is explained in detail. How to retain factory Bose subwoofer when adding an aftermarket radio and amplifier is described in detail.

Amplifier Installation for 911 - C4 Vehicles

C4 Amplifier LocationStep by step installation specifically for vehicles with the C4 body. Amplifier location and mounting for these vehicles is different than C2 vehicles. This article covers a full amplifier installation from beginning to end. 

Speaker Installation for 911, Cayman, & Boxster

997 & 987 Speaker Installation GuideFull installation guide for installing a three way component set. Includes step by step pictures, wiring diagrams, and many helpful tips for a great installation experience. 

GPS & Satellite Radio Antenna Mounting Instructions

GPS & Satellite Radio Antenna MountingThis article explains in detail how to install satellite antennas discretely in your Porsche.  Cable routing and performance tips are covered. 

911 Backup Camera Installation

General installation guide for installing our backup camera kit in 911s. Though this article does not get into specifics about Caymen and Boxsters, much of the information can also be applied to those vehicles as well. Mounting, wire colors, locationsand vehicle disassembly is covered.