05-08 C2 Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayman Snap-In 5 Channel Amplifier Upgrade
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05-08 C2 Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayman Snap-In 5 Channel Amplifier Upgrade


Brand: CAI

This amplifier Upgrade is perfect for all 2005 - 2008 2 wheel drive Porsche 911 Carrera (997), Cayman, & Boxsters (987).

The kit comes pre-wired and mounted to a snap-in rack as shown in the pictures. Simply route the harnesses as labeled and make your connections as described in the included instructions. The rack comes with a genuine Porsche mounting bracket and fasteners. It literally snaps in place!

  • All fasteners included
  • No special tools required
  • All wire & connectors included, labeled, loomed, and pre-wired
  • Totally invisible after installation
  • No permanent alterations to the car
  • Works with aftermarket radios and speakers
  • Works with both Bose & non-Bose equipped cars 
  • Toll Free 1(800) installation support included 

Note: This kit will not work with AWD/C4/Turbo platform vehicles. We have other kits for these vehicles. Call for details 1(800) 892-6430. Also, 987.2 and 997.2 cars with factory amp (under passenger seat) will require longer speaker extensions and not match the online installation instructions.

Note: This kit requires that the factory navigation computer be removed from the car. The amp rack sits in its place. If you are upgrading your radio to an aftermarket unit this will not be a problem anyway. If your car did not come with navigation originally then this location is open and ready for this kit. 

The Amplifier

Hertz HDP5The kit comes with a Hertz ML Power 5; a powerful and compact 5 channel amplifier. We have installed many of these amplifiers into 911s, Caymans, and Boxsters and have found it to be a spectacular performer. The factory Porsche speakers perform amazingly better with this amplifier. Of  course  our Focal or Hertz speaker kit in combination with this amplifier is nothing short of magic!

70W x 4 + 380W x 1 (4 ohms)
100W x 4 + 550W x 1 (2 ohms)

Stealthy Install

Porsche 997 C2 TrunkThe entire amp kit fits nicely under the factory plastic panels and is adjustable through the factory access panels. No permanent modifications need to be made to the car for mounting the amplifier and rack. The supplied genuine Porsche mounting bracket simply snaps in place.

Note: Every possible step has been taken to ensure ease of installation by pre-wiring and pre-mounting as many components as possible. However wire to wire connections and routing of harnesses through the car is still required. This kit is designed for both the weekend "Do It Yourself" type as well as the seasoned professional. 1(800) installation technical support is included with the purchase of this product.

Ready for the Next Level?

This Amplifier Is Compatible with Our Subwoofer & Radio Upgrades.