'03 - '04 Amplifier Note

'03 and '04 vehicles require an amplifier upgrade when replacing the radio with an aftermarket unit. CAI-Store.com has several amplifier upgrade kits in order to make this possible. The factory amplifiers in these vehicles are not compatible with aftermarket radios.

Whats Included in the Amp Kit

All amplifier kits come with everything that you will need to wire and mount your new amplifier. This includes:

  • Machined Mounting Rack
  • Mounting Fasteners
  • Pre-Wired, Loomed, labeled, & Terminated Cables
  • Signal Interconnect
  • Power Cables
  • Fuses & Holders
  • Speaker Wire Extensions (Bundled, Cut to Length, Loomed, labeled, & Terminated)
  • Settings on Amplifier Are Pre-set for Your Vehicle
  • Installation Instructions
  • 1(800) Toll Free In-House Tech Support