911 Backup Camera Installation

Installing a backup camera in Porsche 911s involves running a camera cable that contains both power for the camera as well as video signal. This cable is included in your kit. Along with this camera cable you will need to also tag the reverse positive circuit at the left tail light and run that circuit forward in the car along with the camera cable to the radio. 

Note: due to a change in the manufacturing of the camera, it's ideal to run the camera cable from the front to the rear of your car since the connectors on the radio end of the cable are attached and more bulky than the end that connects to the camera.  



Tools needed :

  • Power Drill
  • Long 3/8 Drill Bit
  • Long Plastic Zip Tie
  • Wire strippers/cutters
  • Solder & Iron
  • Electrical Tape




Step 1

Use the supplied hole saw with a power drill to drill a mounting hole for your camera directly above the licence plate. When used correctly this hole saw will make the perfect size hole that will allow your camera to snap into place without having to use any fasteners from the back side of the bumper cover. This means that you will not have to take the bumper cover off of the car.

Step 2

Locate the large rubber grommet inside the engine compartment left of the hood latch when looking into the engine compartment from behind the car.  Run the camera cable through the hole that you drilled and through this large grommet. Use a long zip tie to fish the cable through.

Step 2

Remove the left tail light. Remove the single 10mm bolt and slide the tail light back. Unplug the tail light assembly and set aside. Identify the positive reverse wire. This wire is Black with a blue stripe on 996 models and will go to 12 volts positive when the vehicle is in reverse. Run this wire along side the camera cable up to the radio of the car. The reverse wire will connect to the radio's reverse input, allowing the radio display to automatically switch to reverse video when the car is put into reverse. 


Step 3

 Behind the tail light you will find a rubber grommet that leads into the interior of the car. Pull this grommet out and pass your wires through it. A few inches behind this grommet you will find a second grommet. This grommet is larger and has several wires running through it. You won't be able to reach this second grommet directly. Insert a 3/8 in paddle bit or long drill bit and drill a hole into the grommet. 


Be very careful not to damage any of the factory wiring that is already in this grommet. The grommet has a soft spot in the right hand upper corner. This is a void in the back side of the grommet for running wire. Poke the grommet with your drill bit and feel for this soft spot. Make your hole there. 

Step 4

Remove the left rear speaker. The speaker is held in place by two Torx screws. Feed the camera cable and reverse wire through the grommet from the tail light with a large zip tie. Feed the zip tie back to the speaker opening and pull from there.

Cabriolet note: the halfway point between the tail light grommet and the left rear speaker is the top storage cavity.  Raise your convertible top part-way so that you can access the liner of the top storage area and you should be able to reach the wire coming from the tail light grommet and feed it further to reach the left rear speaker opening.

Coupe note: remove the trim at the very rear of the interior, below the rear window-it snaps in place-pull it toward you to remove.  This allows access to the area behind the tail light and can help to route the wire from that area forward to the speaker opening.


The left rear seat belt ratcheting mechanism is near where the wires will be entering the car. Make sure that your wires do not interfere with the seat belts operation. 

Step 5

Remove the left door sill panel. There are two hidden 5mm Allen type bolts in the side of the sill panel. These bolts are covered by small round plastic covers. Remove the covers and insert your Allen wrench. The carpet behind the sill panel sometimes gets in the way so you may have to work the Allen wrench past it. The Allen bolts are about 2 inches back inside the panel. 

Only loosen the Allen bolts. There is no need to take them all the way out. Once They have been loosened, pull the sill panel up and unplug the trunk and hood release switches. 

Step 6

Remove the left side kick panel and run the cables below the fuse box, under the carpet past the clutch, brake, and gas pedals to the radio.

Step 7

Connect the red wire in the camera cable to the red wire in the radio harness (radio side). Connect the black wire to the black wire in the radio harness. Connect the reverse wire to the radio's reverse input (violet/white for Kenwood, orange/white for Alpine).



Once your radio is in, test to make sure that the image is proper from left to right and that the image appears when the car is put into reverse.