997/987 HUR Adapter Information

The HUR adapter makes it possible for you to retain your factory Bose Amplifier and speakers including the Bose subwoofer. This will net you the power and output level that you are used to since the amplifier power and the speakers are the same. You will however be able to take advantage of sound features built into your new radio. (Inquire about a newer version of this interface module that doesn't retain steering wheel controls, but is identical in function and less expensive-inquire within!)

The HUR will derive subwoofer output from the two front and two rear speakers just like the factory radio. Subwoofer level is pre-set and level can not be controlled by the radio. It is possible however to purchase our Bose subwoofer retention harness to enable interdependent subwoofer level control. This is a nice feature to have. 

Front and rear fader control is pre-set and not controllable from the radio when using the HUR. Left and right balance controls do work from the radio.