About our Staff

 Car Audio Innovations was started by Rod Birch, a car and stereo geek, who was trying to improve the poor sounding stereo system in his 1978 Porsche 911SC.  After checking around at some shops local to the SF Bay Area, he wasn't getting the answers he sought-and no one seemed interested in building a subwoofer enclosure setup in the rear passenger footwells.  After building his own subwoofer enclosure and adding it to a good sounding system with upgraded speakers and quality aftermarket amplifiers, headunit, it sounded really good.  Like, really good.  He also figured that his solution, or innovation-if you will, would likely help other Porsche owners to achieve good sounding, full range stereo in their cars as well.  Thus he embarked on a mission to bring the "missing piece" of the puzzle to many other Porsche enthusiasts.  Since the cars seem perfect in most every other way-this really seemed like the final component to "complete" these cars.  That was 1990.  Here we are several years later (the final month of 2012 as of this writing) and after mail order and part time work involving traveling Porsche owners and Rod himself traveling-the store was born in 2000 and is still going strong.  We serve all makes and models locally-but still specialize in helping other Porsche owners locally, nationally and internationally. 

Meet our staff:

Rod Birch, Owner (technically CEO); car and music nut since about 10 years old, 'working on cars since 1979 or so, and a seasoned MECP certified "installer" since about 1993.  Fascinated and dedication to all things automotive and musical, customer service and making people happy, creating the ultimate work environment where fellow enthusiasts can thrive and deliver an ever-evolving higher level of work and service.

Carl Hubbard, Store Manager; Carl has been with us since September 2006 and is absolutely dedicated to supporting our goals and mission of making people happy with high quality work and unrivaled service.  Carl is our store manager but is also a great installer and is constantly pushing himself to learn more about sound reproduction theory, vehicle interior interaction, product expertise, and striving to ensure that each and every customer has a great experience that they want to share with others.

Jake Allen, MECP certified technician/sales, joined us in July of 2011.  Jake was destined to work at CAI.  Jake-you complete us!!!  Jake is just theee coolest, most principled fellow you'll ever meet and is constantly looking to improving at everything he does-and he's already a great, seasoned installer!!!

Rob Gomez, also a technician/salesperson, and also our master fabricator is largely responsible for our modern website upgrades and e-commerce success.  He's a great guy, an enormous asset on our team-and is dedicated to deliver the best possible experience results with every installation, project, and creative development he's involved with.  Rob, we are honored to have you with us!  You're an entity and vital component of who we are and where we're collectively going.

Moses Lopez is our newest recruit and he looks promising.  Here's another OCD nut devoted to constant innovation, high quality, and also an IASCA judge like these other guys.  'Nice!