Cayenne Backup Camera Installation Tips

A backup camera can be mounted above the license plate to the far right side. 

Gaining Access to the inside of the Tailgate

1. Remove the 3 tailgate plastic interior covers that frame in the tailgate glass. Start with the center panel and then proceed with the two others. The panels are held in place by clips only.

2. Remove the tailgate inside grab handle. The handle is held on by three Torx screws.

3. Remove the plastic cover around the tailgate latching mechanism.

4. Remove the main tailgate cover. This panel is held in place by several clips. Having a second person standing by to help support the panel as you pull it down makes the job easier. If any of the clips pull out of the cover and remain in the tailgate, then remove clips and relocate them back into the cover. 

5. Remove the plastic panel on the left outside edge of the tailgate (2 T-25 Torx).

6. Mount camera and run wires through the tailgate along the factory tailgate wiring, through the left tailgate grommet. Tape the outside of the vehicle prior to drilling hole for camera to protect the painted surface. 

7. Remove the plastic hinge cover and run wiring into the vehicle.

8. Remove the center headliner panel to gain access to the interior. 

9. Remove the T-30 Torx fastener (inside small plastic panel) and remove the left side headliner panel. Unplug the speaker and set panel aside. 

10. Run wiring down below the left side storage compartment and then forward in the vehicle towards the left front kick panel. 

Tip: The rear most left side interior panel can be removed to route wires, however it is possible to use a long zip tie to fish the wire behind this panel without removing it. To do this, unclip the front of this panel where it meets the left rear door sill. Now pass the wire through. The front kick panel and both door sills can be removed for running the wire, or the wire can be tucked under these panels without removing them. If you push firmly on the carpet where it meets the panels you will find that there is some give because it is hollow underneath this part of the carpet.

11. Continue routing wire past the front left kick panel and into the radio cavity. Be sure that the wire is secured and safely routed past moving objects such as the steering column and the brake pedal. 

12. Connect the cameras red positive power input to the same point that the radio's red accessory input is connected to (Black wire at the PSM button).

13. Connect the cameras black negative power input to the radio's black negative power wire. 

Camera Testing Checklist 

  • Make sure that the radio's reverse input wire has 12 volts when the vehicle is on and in reverse. 
  • Make sure that reverse camera input is activated on the radio
  • Make sure that the camera has both 12 volts power and ground
  • Make sure that the image that appears on screen is correct from left to right. 

14. Once it is confirmed that everything works properly, reassemble the vehicle.