911, Boxster, & Cayman Speaker Adapter Set with Hardware


Brand: Car Audio Innovations

Finally upgrading speakers in a '05 - '13 Porsche 911, Boxster, or Cayman is a bolt-in event!

This kit will allow you to install an aftermarket three way speaker system directly into the vehicle using all factory mounting points and factory wiring. The kit comes with high density plastic adapters that allow you to use standard 6.5" (165 mm) woofers and 3" (88 mm) mid-range drivers in each door. 

Vehicle Compatibility:

Sound systems in these vehicles come in one of three varieties (please specify which you have when ordering):

  • Bose - Yes
  • Sound Package Plus - Yes
  • Base Sound System - No

The adapters pictured work with both Bose and Sound Package Plus systems. It's worth mentioning that these two trim levels make up the lion share of the 997s and 987s on the road. Bose systems are easily identified by the Bose logo on each door of the car. The Sound Package Plus system can be identified by the amplifier in the trunk ('05 - '08), or the amplifier under the passenger seat ('09 - '13). 

Note: This adapter kit is available at a discounted rate of only $49.99 when purchased with our three way speaker kits.