Premium Porsche 997 & 987 Radio Dash Kit


Brand: Car Audio Innovations

Porsche 997 & 987 radio dash kit supportThis is the very best Porsche dash kit on the market for 997 & 987 models. Our kit is different because it uses a solid mounting system that perfectly centers the radio from top to bottom. Other kits on the market either use soft sponge spacers or have no support at all. Neither of which work out well in the end. ***Note: we have good success with the Kenwood models and Alpine standard double din units fit this style installation kit well but have encountered Pioneer brand units that don't fit properly or have motorized face plates that don't move freely***


Precise Machined Spacers Make the Difference.

Our proprietary support system  also locks the front trim bezel in place keeping everything lined up from left to right. 

Single Point Anchor Solves the Fastener Problem.

Single Point AnchorFor years we have been unsatisfied with the way that aftermarket radio kits for Porsche totally lacked any reasonable fastening system. So we designed our own kit that solved the problem. Because of the abundance of support that the top and bottom spacers of our kit provides the entire assembly can be locked into position with just a single anchor point at the bottom of the trim bezel. 

Available in Either Black or Anthracite Grey (Silver)

997 models are Anthracite Grey and 997.2 models are Black. Perfect OEM color match. 

Universal Fit

Universal ISO mount locking brackets make this kit friendly to a very wide range of radios. Steel mounting cage included. 

Optional Wire Harness

Porsche Radio Wire HarnessChoose the optional plug & play wire harness. Our wire harness is pined correctly so that your new radio will power up the factory AM/FM antenna amplifier in the car as well as the factory audio amplifier. The harness also comes with separate accessory (fused) and illumination circuits. This is the only harness on the market that comes pinned correctly and includes all of the connections that are required for full operation.  Wire harnesses available for both 997 as well as 997.2 vehicles. 


Optional Antenna Adapter

Porsche Antenna AdapterConvert from the Porsche Euro style antenna connector to the standard Motorola antenna connector that virtually all aftermarket radios use.

Optional HUR Bose Adapter

Porsche HUR Bose AdapterKeep your factory Bose amplifier Bose subwoofer, and steering wheel audio control buttons functioning with our pre-programed HUR Bose adapter. When installing a new radio in a Bose equipped Porsche you can either replace the Bose amplifier with a new aftermarket unit or you can use our HUR adapter. This adapter makes installation very strait forward with plug & play connections to the vehicle.