Bose Subwoofer Retention Harness


Brand: CAI


'05 - '12 

Cayman, Boxster, 911

This harness can perform one of two functions. 

  • Retain Bose subwoofer in the event that the main factory amplifier has been replaced with an aftermarket unit.
  • Enable discrete level control of the factory Bose subwoofer when used in conjunction with th HUR module.

The factory Bose subwoofer in these vehicles has its own internal amplifier built right into the enclosue that is seperate from the main amplifier that powers the rest of the speakers in the car. This harness has both audio signal as well as a 12 volt trigger circuit that can be used to make the subwoofer directly compatible with aftermarket radios. 

When using this harness along with the HUR module, you gain subwoofer level control through the interface on your aftermarket radio. This allows you to dial in your subwoofer's performance to be as subtle or aggressive as you like.

Installation is simple and well documented. This works with both Cabriolet & Coupe models.

Note: If using this harness to retain the Bose subwoofer and also using the subwoofer RCA signal outputs from your radio to supply signal to another amplifier, you will want to also add the optional RCA "Y" adapters. An example would be; if using a 5 channel amplifier where the 5th channel is used to drive the door woofers or an aftermarket subwoofer.