Porsche 911/Boxster Dash Speaker Upgrade Kit for '97-'04 986/996 Models


Brand: CAI

Get the Most from Your Porsche Audio System with a Focal Component Speaker Upgrade Kit.

The Focal ES100K 4" component speaker system is a fantastic complement to any 911 or Boxster. The Kevlar composite cone reproduces recordings with an extreme level of detail and accuracy. The mid range speaker in this kit has a unique neodymium magnet that is far superior to traditional iron magnets found on other speakers. Despite it's compact size, it is much stronger than an iron magnet. As an added benefit, the motor structure of this speaker easily fits in the somewhat cramped dash of a Porsche 911 or Boxster.

The Focal TNK tweeter has an inverted dome diaphragm for wide sound dispersion. Wide sound dispersion is a very desirable trait to have in dash mounted speakers. 

This is a speaker upgrade kit, and will work with either the factory amplifier, or with one of our amplifier upgrade kits. (Grills shown are only for illustration purposes and are not included-you will reuse your factory speaker grills).

Machined mid range speaker mounting plate

Our kit comes with a special mounting plate that has been designed specifically for the Focal speakers and your car. In the past mounting aftermarket speakers in Porsche factory grills has always been a time consuming task that requires lots of fabrication and modifications. This mounting kit eliminates all of the hassle. You can now bolt in a high quality Focal 4" speaker.

Modified 4" Kevlar Speakers 

The Focal speakers that ship with this kit have been pre-modified and pre-mounted at our facility. This way they are ready to fit right into your existing grills. Focal 4" speakers usually have four magnesium mounting tabs that protrude from the basket, making installation into a Porsche grill impossible. We have machined these mounting tabs off of the speakers for you, and pre-mounted the speaker into the new mounting plate.

Extensive Hardware 

This kit includes fancy Allen type mounting bolts, a drill bit for making pilot holes, and even the correct Allen key for the job.

Custom Wiring Harnesses

We pre-wire each kit with high quality OFC speaker wire. The custom wire harnesses that we make have very nice, serviceable connectors.  When installing the kit in the car, the drivers side and passengers side crossovers are mounted in different locations. Our wire harnesses account for this, and are different lengths for each side.

Installation Instructions

This kit comes with detailed installation instructions as well as free 1(800) tech support. Buy with confidence when buying from CAI-Store.com 






Note: Porsche speaker grills are not included with this kit. Contact us by phone or email if you would like to purchase a pair of Porsche grills and we can make arrangements.