DMX908S headunit upgrade for 996 & 986 Boxster (unit only)


Brand: Kenwood

This is a replacement radio and optional installation hardware kit & Double DIN conversion parts for  996 & 986 Boxsters.


'99 - '05 Porsche 911 (996)
'97 - '04 Porsche Boxster (986)

Instead of built in navigation, this unit uses the GPS built into your smartphone to power the on screen navigation. ***This unit is mechless-there is no CD/DVD mechanism. Additionally the unit has a dedicated GPS antenna that dramatically improves the accuracy of your phone's GPS.  

Optional Hardware Kit Includes Premium Dash Kit, Plug & Play Wire Harness, Antenna Adapter, and All Required Hardware for Your Specific Vehicle.

We make it easy to upgrade your vehicle. Genuine Porsche parts included in the kit are used to relocate the HVAC controls to the lower position for cars that originally came with a single DIN radio. This kit works with both single DIN as well as double DIN PCM equipped vehicles. 

Get Modern Features for Your Porsche & Put the Power of Your Smartphone in Your Dash! 

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones. The genius here is that apps appear on screen with full touch functionality. Apps are reformatted to be more conducive to the automotive environment. Answer calls, navigate, have emails, text messages, and Facebook read to you, and listen to music the way that you expect to from your phone.

Use Your Phones Voice Recognition Both Eyes and Hands Free!

  • Get directions on the fly
  • Check business hours for your destinations
  • Send email, texts, and facebook posts by voice
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Listen to voicemail
  • Launch and control music apps such as Pandora or Spotify
  • Much more...

What We like about This Radio... - No Corners Cut

  • Included GPS Antenna Improves Accuracy of Your Phones Navigation App
  • Built in HD AM/FM Radio
  • Wireless mirroring for some Android phones
  • Backup Camera Option
  • Front Camera Option
  • Bluetooth Works Great with Android Phones 
  • Siri Eyes Free Operation
  • Full Feature 6 Channel Sound Processor & 5 Volt Preamp
  • Sirius/XM option

There are currently several "app radios" on the market. What makes this radio different is that it also sports the best features of a non-app radio. App radios typically have many important components stripped out of them such as HD radio, Sirius/XM, 6 channel audio processor, 5 volt preamp, full feature Bluetooth for both audio as well as phone, Equalizer. This radio has it all.

Installation is relatively straight forward if you follow the included instructions and have basic mechanical skills, tools, and are comfortable with making electrical connections.

 This kit is designed for the DIY and professional alike.  Free 1 (800) technical support comes with this product.

Porsche splash screen included when you select the optional radio pre-wire.

What's Included in the "Full Installation & Hardware Kit" Option.

The full installation and hardware kit includes all optional parts with the exception of "Radio Pre-Wire". The full installation kit is a package of all the most commonly used parts that you will need when installing this radio upgrade into a car that originally came with a single DIN factory radio (non PCM radio). Selecting the full installation kit is highly recommended for most installations. Below is an itemized list of parts that can be individually selected if you opt not to get the full installation kit. 

Optional Parts:

  • Optional Custom 996/Boxster Dash Trim Bezel
  • Optional Porsche Relocation Bezel for HVAC Controls
  • Optional Porsche cubby/pocket to replace existing CD/Cassette trays
  • Optional Radio to Vehicle Harness, prewired for your car
  • Optional Antenna Adapter
  • Optional Factory radio removal keys
  • Optional Pre-Wired Radio Harness & Porsche Crest Pre-loaded on Start Up Screen. If you select to have us pre-wire the radio harness for you, we will also load the Porsche crest on the strtup screen and load any software updates that may be available for your radio. 

Features of the Installation Kit

The installation kit has been designed to be installed with just basic hand tools. Every part that you will need to complete the job ships with the kit. Full  step by step instructions with detailed photos and 1(800) tech support makes the installation smooth, trouble free, and the final product predictable. This kit is for both the professional as well as "the do it yourself" type.  Some of our customers want to dig into this project themselves and are comfortable with the multiple connections (some familiarity with such things and patience is required), routing wires and cables from the cabin into the trunk area, removal of trim panels, factory radio, etc.  Some of our customers take their cars to a local shop and have part or all of the work done there.  We see many happy customers with both options.

Read Full Installation Article Here:

Installation & Fitment Notes

Note: In '97 - '02  generation of vehicles the factory amplifier (if present) works with this kit and does not need to be replaced or bypassed. The harness that we supply with this kit allows full integration with both Bose and non-Bose equipped cars. DSP equipped vehicles with a single din radio are also compatible, though the DSP controller must remain connected (will not be operable) and can be stuffed in the dash behind the HVAC control plate.   

Note: PCM (factory double DIN) equipped vehicles with DSP of all years require a replacement amplifier when upgrading the radio. The factory DSP amplifier is not compatible with aftermarket radios. You can identify a DSP equipped vehicle by looking at the amplifier in the trunk. It will have DSP written on it.   

Note: 2003 and later models use a fiber optic audio system that can not be used with aftermarket radios. A MOST interface adapter or replacement amplifier is required. We have replacement amplifier kits available that you can find here.  We also have a reliable MOST adapter interface-inquire! Radio wire harnesses for these kits come with accessory and illumination circuits that are separate from the plug & play radio harness. Connectors and instructions for these additional circuits are included in the kit for an easy installation. 

Compatible amplifier with this kit can be found here

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Shipping Time: This product is "made to order" and is custom made for your particular vehicle. This package typically ships within 2-3 business days of order