Kenwood DNX997XR headunit upgrade for 997, 987 Cayman, 987 Boxster (unit only)


Brand: Kenwood

This is a replacement radio and optional installation parts for  997 & 987 Boxster/Cayman.

Flagship Kenwood Excelon Navigation Radio Loaded with All of the Modern Day Features You Are Looking for.

This upgrade is designed specifically for your '05 through '12 Cayman, 911, or Boxster. Optional kit available with all of the parts that you will need for a complete installation. We even offer to pre-wire the radio, check for and load any software updates, and load a Porsche startup screen for that factory look.

Superior HD Display Touch screen

Kenwood touch screen radios stand out from the crowd because of their glass touch screen. These screens are just like the screen on your smartphone. They are far superior to their plastic film counterparts that you will find on other units. 

Garmin Navigation Built In 

Garmin InterfaceBuilt In Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
! This radio can use either your smart phones navigation app or the built in Garmin navigation. Our customers love Garmin. If you have ever used a Garmin product before, you will already be familiar with the navigation interface. Known for their world class software, Garmin delivers a great experience that  has been tailored for real world driving.

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

Get the most from your smartphone with Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. This feature allows your smartphone operating system to be projected on screen. Enjoy the smartphone interface and experience in your dash.  

Porsche Splash ScreenWhen you choose to have us pre-wire the radio kit for you, we load a Porsche splash screen on to the radio as well as the latest software updates. 


  • High Definition Display (an industry first!)
  • High Resolution Wireless Audio
  • HD Radio
  • Satellite Radio Ready (Must add tuner)
  • Hands Free Bluetooth Phone Calls
  • X 2 USB
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Wireless Miracast for Android
  • Optional Traffic Reports Available through INRIX Smartphone App - 2-year Subscription Included with Purchase (Smartphone Required)
  • Text-to-speech Voice Prompts Announce Actual Road Names at Turns
  • Lane Assistance and Junction View
  • Plays CDs, DVDs, USB Memory Devices, and SD Cardsance and Junction View
  • Drive EQ+ Boosts Low End and Other Frequencies to Overcome Road Noise
  • High- and Low-pass Filters
  • Digital Time Alignment, Space Enhancer, Sound Realizer, Sound Elevation, Bass Boost, and Loudness
  • Supports Rear-view Camera Adjustable Parking Lines (Optional Camera Required)
  • 4 Camera inputs total

Installation is relatively straight forward if you follow the included instructions and have basic mechanical skills, tools, and are comfortable with making electrical connections.

 This kit is designed for the DIY and professional alike.  Free 1 (800) technical support comes with this product.

Note:  Some functions are lost if you have the factory PCM screen, features like the Sport Chrono Package.  Also, audio information no longer displays in the gauge cluster.

The kit includes:

Full Step By Step Installation Instructions with Photos & 1(800) Tech Support 

  • Kenwood Excelon DNX997XR Double DIN Touch Screen Radio
  • Optional Dash Kit
  • Optional Vehicle Specific Wire Harness
  • Optional Antenna Adapter
  • Optional Bose Amplifier Retention Module (HUR)

When the proper options are selected, this kit comes with everything that you will need to upgrade your radio. No additional parts will be required. The kit is designed to be very install friendly even for a novice. 

Features of the Kit

This kit has been designed to be installed with just basic hand tools. Full  step by step instructions with detailed photos and 1(800) tech support makes the installation smooth, trouble free, and the final product predictable. This kit is for both the professional as well as "the do it yourself" type.  Some of our customers want to dig into this project themselves and are comfortable with the multiple connections (some familiarity with such things and patience is required), routing wires and cables from the cabin into the trunk area, removal of trim panels, factory radio, etc.  Some of our customers take their cars to a local shop and have part or all of the work done there.  We see many happy customers with both options.

Installation Parts

Add the Proper Hardware to Complete the Install


Is your car Bose equipped? 
Bose BadgeIf your car is Bose equipped there will be a Bose badge on the door speaker grill.

 If there is no badge on the grill, it means that you have either the Sound Package Plus or Base sound system.

Our kits are Bose compatible when you add the optional HUR (Head Unit Retention) module. This device allows you to retain your factory equipped Bose amplifier. This dramatically simplifies the installation process and is near plug and play when the pre-wire option is selected. 

HUR Module For Bose Equipped Vehicles

    Note: Bose-equipped cars require a new amplifier or our HUR (Head unit Replacement) adapter when installing an aftermarket headunit. You can choose either or neither at checkout.   Fader control is lost when interfacing with the factory Bose amplifier.

    Read more about this on our FAQ page 

    If your vehicle is "Bose Equipped" you have the choice of adding an HUR module to your order and retaining your Bose amplifier. 

    Non-Bose Equipped Vehicles

    If your vehicle is not "Bose Equipped" you don't have to replace your factory amplifier and you don't need an HUR either. Of course you will want to upgrade your amplifier if you want a boost in sound performance and or if you would like to add a subwoofer. 

    Add a 997/987 dash kit. Available in anthracite Grey (Silver '05 - '08) or in Black ('09 - '12). We offer a premium dash kit that uses precision machined spacers to firmly mount the radio in the dash with a steel locking cage. 

    Read More Here: Premium Dash Kit

     Premium Dash Kit

    Near Plug & Play Wire Harness

    Wire HarnessWe offer a wire harness that is specific to 997/997.2, and 987/987.2 vehicles. This harness is pinned specifically for your particular vehicle. There are many generic Euro harnesses  that claim to be a fit for these vehicles but are in fact not pinned correctly for Porsche. These universal Euro harnesses are dangerous to use. Our harness however is pinned correctly for your vehicle and comes with additional circuits as well that can not be found in the factory radio harness (car side). Save yourself a lot of frustration with our near plug & play Porsche specific radio harness. 

    Optionally you can choose to have us make all of the connections from your harness to your new radio for you. This dramatically simplifies installation.