Backup camera for Porsche Upgrade Kits


Brand: CAI

Color: Black Finish

Add the convenience and safety of a backup camera with night vision and parking grid.

Our cameras work both in very bright light as well as in absolute darkness. Never worry again about whats behind you, or how close you are to an obstacle. With a fish eye lens and a visual parking grid; all items are in sight and in perspective. The parking grid allows you to back up to or next to obstacles such as, curbs or other vehicles with out colliding.  

This camera kit will work with all of our double DIN navigation and video head units.

Porsche Backup CameraKit comes with installation instructions and 1(800) tech support for installation. A special hole cutter is included with the kit for ease of installation. The camera simply snaps into place. Camera above Plate

The camera is small and located discreetly above the licence plate.  

Note: This camera kit is not intended for use with a factory Porsche radio. This kit is for use with one of our Porsche radio replacement kits. Parking assist consists of visual parking grid on-screen.

This item will work with the following products: